Waldemar Malicki

   One of the most versatile Polish pianists. A soloist, a chamber musician, an improviser. He graduated with honours from the Musical Academy in Gdansk in 1982, to later hone his skills in Vienna. He gives concerts around Europe, North and South America, Russia and Japan. He plays chamber music with the best Polish violinists and singers. He recorded over 40 long-plays, three of which – with pieces by Wieniawski, Paderewski and Bach – received the „Fryderyk” awards of the Polish phonographic industry in 1997, 2000 and 2003 respectively.

   The artist gives music courses and seminars in Scandinavia, the Americas and in Japan.
  Waldemar Malicki was the founding father and president of the I.J. Paderewski Society. Since 2000 he has been the artistic director of the „Fun and Classic” Festival of Musical Virtuosity and Humour in Nowy Sącz.
   He is the co-author and performing artist of the „Philharmonic of Wit” project directed by Jacek Kęcik for the Polish public television TVP. He is also a recipient of a number of TV awards, including „Telekamera” (2009), „Wiktor” (2011) and the TVP’s „Artist without Borders” (2016).

Waldemar Malicki - Discography

1 Polskie Nagrania PNCD073 Piano pieces by A.Tansman
2 ADDA 581186 Sonata op.21 and Miscellanea op.16 by I.J.Paderewski
3 ACCORD 201732 Piano concerto op.17.and Fantaisie polonaise op.19 by I.J.Paderewski
4 Koch Schwann CD310 026 H1 Sonatas by Schubert and Weber with Kaja Danczowska (violin)
5 PAVANE ADV7218 Piano Quintet by J.Zarebski with Varsovia String Quartet  
6 DUX 0202 Dances for 4 hands with Tamara Granat (piano)
7 POLTON CDPL-054 Varia 1 (musical jokes)
8 WERGO WER 6258-2 Chamber music by K.Penderecki with K.A.Kulka (violin)
9 FGP 001 Songs by Karlowicz,Faure and Duparc with T. Zylis - Gara
10 DUX 0253 Virtuoso pieces for a violin by H . Wieniawski with B.Niziol
11 DUX 0224 Schubert, Debussy, Mozart, Chopin, Musorgski with Tamara Granat (piano)
12 Polskie Radio PRCD 101 Saint-Saens „The Carnival of the Animals" with Tamara Granat (piano)
and the Polish Rorchestra
13 Polskie Radio PRCD 102 Schubert - Trout Quintet with Kulka, Kamasa, Koslacz and Kaczanowski
14 PONY CANYON Chopin `s music for piano four hands with Tamara Granat
15 DUX 0281 Gershwin and Kreislers`s music with Krzysztof Jakowicz (violin)
16 DUX0287 Pieces by K.Szymanowski with Piotr Plawner (violin)
17 A.C.002/97 Piano Quintet by J.Zarebski with Amar Corde String Quartet
18 SZIH 001 I pray - I sing (with Joseph Malovany)
19 DUX 0118 Lullabys by various composers with Rita Beldis (soprano)
20 CD Accord 051 Songs by F.Chopin with Joanna Kozlowska
21 Studio Classic 03`99 Beethoven Sonata F-Major op24 with Konstanty Kulka
22 AP 0019 Bacewicz -Piano Quintet no.1 with Amar Corde String Quartet
23 Studio Classic 05 `99 Paderewski Fantazja polska with NOSPR (Cond.Antoni Wit)
24 F GnP 002 Dux 0138 Chopin Songs (complete) with Teresa Zylis-Gara soprano
25 TAP 0021 Bacewicz - Piano Quintet no.2 with Amar Corde String Quartet
26 DUX 0158 Virtuoso pieces for violin and piano (various composers)
with Katarzyna Duda violin
27 ZPR Records ZCD-041 Paderewski Songs (complete) with Jadwiga Stepien mezzosoprano
28 DUX 0188 Bach piano concertos with Prima Vista String Quartet (J.Dybal - double bass,
T. Granat - first piano in C-Minor Piano Concerto) FRYDERYK 2000
29 DUX 0328a I.J.Paderewski piano pieces for 2 and 4 hands with Tamara Granat piano

Astor Piazzolla – El tango

    A collection of Astor Piazzolla pieces and a few compositions of Frederic Chopin in a tango nuevo arrangement. Spoken commentary during performance. Own sheet music. The concert can run with or without an interval.

Version 1 for chamber orchestra with a conductor or concertmaster

Version 2 for four or five musicians


An extraordinary concert comprising mystical, religious pieces by Franz Liszt.

  Duration: around 52 min. + an improvisation on Maklakiewicz’s symphony ‘Święty Boże’ or other liturgical compositions

    At the end of his life, Liszt, a composer of many faces, moved to Rome, decided to become a deacon and renounce the easy life he believed he had been running. Those last years yielded a series of extraordinary piano compositions. Despite their miniature character, they do not form any suite cycle, they break with all conventions of age-old forms, sailing freely in the harmonic space and easily breaking out of the tonal system. Gentleness mixes with brutality, pathos with tenderness, sanctity with profanity. You will hardly ever hear them played in the philharmonic; they lack the exciting virtuosity, the cantilena touch, the romantic pianism.  From a musicologist’s point of view, they no longer belong to the 19th century, but neither do they point in any of the directions that came to define the next century; as if suspended in an indefinite space, levitating in the fourth dimension.

    I chose nine of them and added two other compositions from an earlier period in Liszt’s artistic life for the closing. This apparent inconsistency is to reveal my own truth about these works as chapters in the story of human life from the cradle to the grave… and even beyond…

Waldemar Malicki